Wrestling Rules and Regulations


1.    All wrestlers are to follow the school’s code of conduct.

2.    Schoolwork comes before wrestling.

3.    Practice is Mon. – Fri. from 3:15- 6:15.  Be on time or be sorry.

4.    Only a teacher’s note or doctor’s excuse will be accepted for being late to practice.

5.    Wrestlers must wear proper attire to practice.

6.    To be eligible for the week’s wrestling meets a wrestler meet the following requirements:

a.  He cannot have an unexcused practice and must be present the day prior to a meet.

b.  He must win his wrestle off(s) for the week.

c.  He must put forth satisfactory effort in practice, which will be judged by my coaching staff and myself. 

7.    If a wrestler is injured, they are still required to be at practice.

8.    Wrestlers must be with in six pounds of their desired weight class to wrestle off for the week.

9.    A wrestler may only wrestle off for one weight class per week, and must beat his opponent twice to take that standing weight class.

10.Any wrestle off for the week will be on the Monday of that week at the beginning of practice.

11.A wrestler must be with in 3 pounds of his weight class the evening prior to competition or he will lose his spot for that meet.

12.Mr. Laycox will check all wrestler’s body fat twice a month. If a wrestler’s body fat is too low, on Laycox’s recommendation, he will not be permitted to drop to a lower weight class.


Requirements for a Varsity Letter:

      1.    A wrestler must compete in a minimum of 10 varsity meets or accumulate 50 team points.

2.    A wrestler must compete in the MML and Sectional tournament.

3.    A wrestler cannot miss more than three unexcused practices.

4.    A Reserve wrestler with less than 10 varsity meets or 50 team points can earn a letter if he wins the MML reserve tournament.

*Coach Mitchell and staff has the right to make any and all changes to any of the above as we feel necessary. *